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Search Engines

This page was last edited on: 25.02.06

  • Alta Vista- one of the earlier engines with local sites around the world.
  • Complete Planet - finds sets of deep databases
  • Direct Search - useful for 'hidden' sites
  • .Dogpile- one of the meta-search engines - it uses more than one engine to find results.
  • Environmental Organisation Web Directory- one of the more specialised search tools
  • Excite- another original still worth using.
  • Fast Find- a very fast search tool.
  • Google- after a recent re-fit this is now seen as one of the best engines to use
  • HotBot- good for for unusual material Infomine - university-focussed search engine
  • Invisible Net - one of the new sites aiming to uncover 'hidden' databases.
  • Lycos- good for images etc.
  • Scirus- specialist science search engine
  • SciSeek- Science search engine (more like a portal site) with the capacity to collect votes and reviews for each site.
  • Scout Report for Science and Engineering - US bi-weekly on-line report covering all the sciences (and their webpages). Good news section. Searchable database.
  • Search Engine Watch. Keeps track of all the search engines out there.
  • Search For Science- new special site for science
    Teoma- new engine that can group results and suggest other key sites. Very good.
  • Turbo10 - searches for the 'deep net' i.e. hidden resources



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