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This page was last edited on: 23.10.08

Note: Journal abstracts- a number of major publishers e-mail contents pages of key academic journals. From here it is possible to get abstracts and even some full texts. Try Blackwell, Elsevier and Wiley as key publishers in this area.

  • All Africa- major source of African news. It collects stories from all African nations. You can also link to individual countries from here.
  • ABC - Australian equivalent of the BBC. Excellent environmental focus
  • American Journalists Review- one of the largest sites with a great collection of papers around the world. The local section is, as you'd expect, biased towards America but there is still a great selection.
  • Asahi- major Japanese English-language paper
  • BBC- UK television
  • CNN- the classic on-line news source. Items on the environment are now hidden in the science and technology section following a site upgrade.
  • Daily Telegraph- one of the best sources of news with excellent links. A recent site upgrade loses some of the old news-searching power but it is still good.
  • Environmental Network News- coverage of all matters environmental but with a North American focus.
  • EurekAlertScience news from the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Far Eastern Economic Review- SE Asian economic perspective
  • Financial Times- UK main economics daily.
  • Google News - trial version of the search engine. Excellent news gathering
  • Green TV - new (May 2006) UK inititive in spreading small broadband films
  • International Herald Tribune- US paper with highly respected foreign coverage
  • ITV- UK independent television
  • Le Monde- one of the main French sites (in French)
  • Los Angeles Times- US paper
  • Making Environmental News
  • Middle Eastern Times- weekly look at world affairs from an Egyptian perspective.
  • Nature- the leading science journal. Weekly contents can be e-mailled. Full access to certain parts.
  • NBC- major US station
  • New Internationalist- leading publication dealing with social, political and environmental issues.
  • New Scientistkey UK science publication.
  • New York Times- US paper
  • Online Newspapers.com- just that, arranged by country or region. They reckon they've got over 5000 listed so you should be able to find what you want.
  • Our Planeton-line version of the UNEP publication.
  • Scientific American- web site of this key US science magazine.
  • Science Daily - excellent website with a huge range of science/ecology/environment stories
  • South China Morning Post- major SE Asian news source
  • Straits Times- Singapore's main English newspaper.
  • Sydney Morning Herald - major Australian newspaper.
  • The Ecologist- website of one of the pioneering environmental magazines (remember Blueprint for Survival?).
  • The Guardian- main UK newspaper often with a good coverage of environmental affairs.
  • The Jerusalem Post- A Middle East perspective on the news.
  • The Times- UK paper.
  • Washington Post- US paper
  • The Economist- leading UK business weekly
  • The Flying Inkpot- don't be too amused, this is a serious heavyweight site with a great selection.

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