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European Union

This page was last edited on: 25.02.06

  • Council of Europe - longer running than the EU. A 'think-tank' of governmental and other experts producing respected ideas on environmental matters.
  • Europa - 'The European Union On-line' - huge site as you'd expect with coverage of virtually every aspect of the EU.
  • European Commission Environment Directorate-General - official site for environment within the EU system. Others of interest include agriculture, transport, fisheries, energy, development and regional policy.
  • European Commission Representation in the UK. Main site for EU information in the UK.
  • European Environment Agency - main environment body for the EU. Large range of information about European environmental matters.
  • European Parliament - server with all EU Parliament business. Definitely for those requiring the most detailed responses.
  • European Partners for the Environment - an organisation with partners for business and government. Not part of the EU set-up but a useful guide to business-oriented environmental information.
  • European Space Agency. Major science site but of more use for Earth Observation and Earth Observation Resources (large image portal).
  • Eurosite - EU conservation site and portal.
  • Eurostat - all data published by the EU goes through here. Some free which could be used by schools but also guides to priced information.
  • Eurotext - major document site with some interesting resources. At the time it was added to this list ihttp://europa.eu.int/index_en.htmts future was in doubt so it may close down.
  • Institutions of the European Union - just a page in the huge Europa collection but a brilliant brief overview of what the EU is and who does what (if only it were that simple!).
  • GLOBE EU - an organisation drawing together the work of EU politicians concerned about the environment.
  • OECD - independent organisation consisting of representatives from 30 nations (and growing). It's importance lies in its economic focus and the fact it covers most of the significant developed world nations. Currently adding on-line data and statistics to its site.




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