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Reference Works

This page was last edited on: 25.02.06

  • Bartelby- an American reference site with on-line dictionaries etc.
  • Britannica- the famous encyclopaedia on-line
  • BUBL Link- British Library links to on-line encyclopaedic works. Click here for the main menu of resources.
  • CIA- actually a great place for geographical and country data. Try the factbook for starters.
  • Freeality- online portal site for a wide range of encyclopaedias and guides
  • Internet Public Library - US site with an increasing range. Try the Environment and Ecology section.
  • NISS- UK database covering dictionaries, thesauri, maps etc.
  • Power Reporting- enormous range of resources aimed at US journalists but with a great deal to offer anyone else.
  • Refdesk- supposedly the favourite of senior US government officials



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