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The rise of the Internet has meant that information is far more easily available than was the case just a few years ago. The aim of this page is to link to the more useful sources that are often used here to get books for review, current news and teaching information. The links are arranged into categories according to type of material: blogs, news portals, online newspapers, podcasts and RSS feeds.

As with all links, the content is the property of the site owners: I have no control over what is reported. If you find a useful link not mentioned here, please let me know.

This page last edited: 3 March, 2006


News Portals

Online Newspapers



  • Nature - interviews and news about the print journal's stories.
  • New Scientist - main page for a range of podcasts


RSS feeds

Note - links might not also show in a web browser. Just paste the address into a news reader such as FeednRead