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August 8, 2005

Chapter 2 - Issues in biogeography.

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Chapter Outline :

    • Biogeography is a constantly changing subject;
    • The issues arising from this change in knowledge can impact at individual, species and community levels;
    • Issues at the individual level focus on changes in organism survival;
    • Issues at the species level focus on changes in ecosystem structure and distribution;
    • Issues at community level focus on changes in global biodiversity;
    • Human interest in biogeographical matters is increasing although there is also no other time when we have had a greater impact upon the natural environment.


New books and papers
Author(s) Title (and link) Comment
Terrell 2006

Human biogeography: evidence of our place in nature

Argues that if we treat ourselves as just another spoecies it opens up more insights into our relations with the woerld and might make conservation easier to explain.
Moerman and Estabrook 2006 The botanist effect: counties with
maximal species richness tend to be home to universities and botanists
Nice study that looks at effort and knowledge with respect to distance. Makes a useful comment about data accuracy.
RSPB 2006 The State of the UK's Birds. Shows the extent of human pressure on biogeographic resources. Part of a longer-term study.
Hobbs et al 2006 Novel ecosystems: theoretical and
management aspects of the new
ecological world order
Argues that we need to look at "disturbed" ecosystems from a new perspective i.e. that they are a new form of interaction rather than a destruction of a "natural" pattern
Velland and Geber 2005. Connections between species diversity and genetic diversity. Suggests that we need to make more of a link between these two measures of diversity to increase our knowledge of the ecology-evolution interafce.
 De La Plante 2004  Toward a more expansive conception of ecological science Argues that there are two versions of ecology: one which is pure science and one which is more integrated with social science.

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