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February 11, 2008

Chapter 16 - Looking forward - prospects for biogeography.

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Chapter Outline :

    • Subjects are dynamic and in an increasingly competitive world they need to be examined critically for justification of their area of study;
    • Biogeography has been a part of study for thousands of years but only recently has it become a discrete academic topic;
    • Research shows that its importance is growing especially since the 1990s;
    • Biogeography is a dynamic subject area with many topics of relevance to current conditions and a growth in significance in public, business and political dimensions.


New books and papers
Author(s) Title (and link) Comment
Possingham, Grantham and Rondinini 2007 How can you conserve species that haven’t been found? Questions the use of conservation in the light of imperfect knowledge.
Lawton 2007 Ecology, politics and policy Comments on the role of the British Ecological Society.
Sutherland et al 2006 The identification of 100 ecological questions of high policy relevance in the UK A forum from the BES shows the need for scientists and policy makers to communicate better if key ecological processes are to be promoted.
Lomolino et al 2006 The island rule and a research agenda for studying ecogeographical patterns Argues for a new research agenda in finding organism patterns - notably one using a greater range of variables than seen to date.
Dabelko 2005 Speaking Their Language: How to Communicate Better with Policymakers and Opinion Shapers – and Why Academics Should Bother in the First Place The author puts forward a simple yet powerful message: if we want to communicate we need to work in the language of the audience and not expect them to learn ours!
Revell 2005 Ecological Modernization in the UK:
Rhetoric or Reality?
An investigation into the extent that ecological theory is used in UK policy-making - where rhetoric meets reality.
 Whittaker et al 2004  Conservation Biogeography: assessment and prospect  Highlights the contribution that biogeography can make both practically and theoretically.

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