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February 11, 2008


Chapter 1 - What is biogeography?

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Chapter Outline :

    • Biogeography is an important and multidisciplinary area of contemporary science;
    • It is primarily concerned with current and historical distribution patterns of plants and animals rather than species–environment interactions;
    • Biogeography operates through observation and detection of pattern, both small and large scale;
    • It has links with almost every aspect of human activity on the planet – from agriculture to reclamation.


New books and papers
Author(s) Title (and link) Comment
Ebach and Goujet 2006 The first biogeographical map Describes early attempts at biogeographical mapping.
Lomolino, Riddle and Brown. 2006 Biogeography. 3e. (see a review) Most recent version of one of the most influential basic texts in biogeography.
 Williams and Ebach 2004  The reform of palaeontology and the rise of biogeography – 25 years after ‘ontogeny, phylogeny, paleontology and the biogenetic law’ (Nelson, 1978)  Attemps a review and analysis of cladistics and evaluates biogeography's role in it.

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